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Peter LaFrance

Friday, June 20, 2008

A taste of… Samuel Adams Boston Ale

Boston Beer Company
Boston, MA, Latrobe, PA, Cincinnati, OH

Preface: This is the last of a series I call “Deli Beers.” These are bottled beers procured from what is called a “deli” (short for delicatessen – a food store that specializes in sliced meats, cheeses, bread and some dairy products, processed and canned foods.). The voyage from brewery to the consumer in a Deli is long, torturous, and not good for man, beer or beast. If a bottle of beer can survive that trial it deserves to be tasted. This last victim of my tasting notes is Samuel Adams Boston Ale. (N.B. This 12 oz. bottle of Samuel Adams Boston Ale was a gift from my friend Boon.)

Appearance: This amber copper, brilliant, mildly effervescent brew is topped with a luscious café au lait rocky head of well knit bubbled that recedes to a proper “lace.”

Aroma: First impression is of biscuit toasted malt, followed by caramel and finally, between lip and sip, a herbal green accent.

Mouth feel: A medium mouth feel is bolstered by a malt sweetness that develops almost to a toffee before it…

Flavor: is met by an almost rowdy hop presence that leaves the malt in the dust until the very end of the finish when…

Finish: the two of them come together and dance off into memory. They are remembered fondly but the entire experience is rich enough that I will endorse their glass design. (The folks at Boston Beer sent me the glass and Jim Koch explained the rather particular aspects of the design at David Burk’s restaurant.)

Comments: I suggest that this brew find its way on the tables laden with slow-and-low barbecue as well as grilled seafood. The marriage of smoke/char flavor and malty brew is pleasant and long lasting.

I also grant that the glass design allows for a sure and controlled pour from a bottle. It is also helpful in catching the aromas in the tulip shaped bowl and the “gathered” top shows off the head and lace to their best advantage.

The Brewery: http://www.samueladams.com/

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