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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A taste of… Buckbean Original Orange Blossom Ale





Yesterday, at the height of what local on-air-meteorologists have called a dangerous heat wave, a box of “Yeast Samples” arrived at my door. As you can (pun intended) see, it was canned beer. The packaging was less than successful in that all cans suffered a dent or two. However, none were punctured.

That said, I offer the following tasting notes…


This is a bright new copper penny colored ale topped with a loosely knit tan head of medium to large bubbles. The head slowly falls and laces nicely.


The first impression is malty grain followed by whiff of orange scent that I might miss if I wasn’t looking for it. Finally a richer malt aroma greets the first sip.

Mouth feel:

There is a heftier mouth feel here than I expected… perhaps an extra measure of dextrin?


The dominant hop flavors strut their stuff early and with enthusiasm. As a partner, malt holds its own and actually leads about halfway through the dance. While this is developing the wall-flower is the “Orange Blossom”. The poor thing might be there to make hops look/taste extra “sweet” but that’s about it. A little less body and bronze color (slap my face and send me to the corner for some time out) and this would be an exceptional summer quaffing brew.


The presence of the hops is long lasting but is a joined by a flavor I associate with some of the citric herbal teas that were so popular in the late 1970’s.


As a “summer seasonal” brew I find it a bit robust. That said, I would be interested to pair this with red-sauce real smoked barbecue. This brew would also add a special dimension if used in a BBQ sauce. The intensity of the hops would marry well with the tomato and sugar while the orange might come out and impart a special bite all its own.

The brewery Site: http://www.buckbeanbeer.com

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1 comment:

David Jensen said...

Those are excellent pairing suggestions for this beer. I also think that it would go well with spicy food such as Thai or Mexican. I tried mine after having some salty Japanese food and I wished I had drank the beer with my meal.

However, using it in a BBQ sauce sounds absolutely brilliant. Have you tried this yet? If so, please post an article about it.

BTW, I recently reviewed Original Orange Blossom Ale. Check it my article: http://beer47.com/2009/03/buckbean-original-orange-blossom-ale-review/