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Peter LaFrance

Monday, June 23, 2008

A taste of… Odd Notion Summer 08

Magic Hat Brewing Company

South Burlington, VT


Preface: This sample, sent by the good folks at the Magic Hat Brewing Company, has been living in my refrigerator for a week or two, at least. On a rather close, almost humid morning I shall let it show me it’s stuff. Without promotional material to tell me what this is I sail into uncharted waters…

Appearance: What a surprise! This is a deep amber, almost garnet red brew topped with a light tan sandy rocky head knot of medium and large bubbles that lace nicely on the sides of the glass.

Aroma: The first aroma was of roasted malt bullied by an odd hop aroma, the second trip to the well evoked prune and plum undercurrents (yes them too) until finally the overall impression I am left with is the threat of kilned malt and weird hopping.

Flavor: (Yes it belongs above “Mouth Feel”.) Between sip and lip the prune flavors intensified. There is a spike, or tang, that is neither hop nor malt. What malt there is waits until past the finish to step up and even then gets slapped down by lingering hop presence.

Mouth feel: There is a rather thin feel to this brew that ignores the anticipations evoked by the dark color.

Finish: There is a real rush to the finish and it does linger a while in the style of a new acquaintance who you just found out is an insurance agent and is hanging around fervently hoping he/she can find an excuse to give you his/her business card. Not unpleasant but somehow not comfortable.

Comments: I really hope I find out that this is some kind of wheat beer flavored with flowers of the Tibetan Bitter Thorn or some such rare treat. Wrapping my mind around this brew was not easy. I will report later!

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