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Peter LaFrance

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A taste of… Miller Genuine Draft

Miller Brewing Co.

Milwaukee, WI


Preface: This is the second of a series I call “Deli Beers.” These are bottled beers procured from what is called a “deli” (short for delicatessen – a food store that specializes in sliced meats, cheeses, bread and some dairy products, processed and canned foods.). The voyage from brewery to the consumer in a Deli is long, torturous, and not good for man, beer or beast. If a bottle of beer can survive that trial it deserves to be tasted. The second victim of my tasting notes is Miller Genuine Draft. (N.B. A 12 oz. bottle of Miller Genuine Draft cost me $1.10(US) the same as Budweiser.

Appearance: A brilliant light gold color topped with a thin head of quickly dissipating bubbles that leave not so much a “lace” as foam.

Aroma: First impression was of grain and cereal accents (perhaps a hint of corn), second impression does nothing to change the initial impression. The impression between lip and sip is neutral.

Mouth feel: This is a wet, cool liquid brew with little mouth impression. (It is a flavored carbonated refreshment.).

Flavor: As noted above, this is a cool experience of refreshing beverage..

Finish: The balance of malt and hop develops from a trace to less than a memory.

Comments: I applaud this beer for surviving the trip from brewery to Deli. I mean this, it is in a clear glass bottle and the chance of going “skunky” was not evident. For that they get an “A” for effort. They have huge nerve shipping in clear glass.

The Brewery: http://www.mgd.com/av.action

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