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Monday, June 9, 2008

A taste of… Deschutes Twilight Seasonal Ale

Deschutes Twilight Seasonal Ale 2008.JPG





Friday last I received this sample of Deschutes “Twilight” seasonal ale from the good folks at Deschutes Brewery.

What makes it a “seasonal” is not quite clear, even after reviewing the attached promotional material. However, since I read the entire thing looking for the reason d’être I did learn that there are eight different hops varieties used, and dry-hopped with “…bold Amarillos.”

However, I have a special affection for twilight as a time of day, no matter the season, so I will cut these folks some slack.

That said, I offer the following tasting notes…


The brilliant light amber color is pleasing to look at and foretells of a refreshing moment. The snow white rocky head foretells a malty for note.


The first impression of the hops comes with the first sniff of the brew. After that it recedes into the background of bready barley.

Mouth feel:

There is a relatively light body for the color of this beer. That is not to say that the color of a brew preordains the particular mouth feel or flavor. That said, I expected a bit more body to the first impression.


Between lip and sip there is no suggestion as to neither the sweetness nor the bitterness of this beer. The blend of hops renders easy deconstruction. In my case I found it difficult to identify any particular hop introducing itself. The selection seems to have developed such a complex nature that it comes to be unique. The barley remains quietly in the background about as relaxed as I hoped that the brewers wanted it to be.


At the very last trace of flavor there is a hint of bubble-gum… but that takes a long time to develop when this beer is being enjoyed as it should be… with gusto and not in a shy way.


Following up on the brief “Finish” notes, I again note that I believe this is a fine session brew to be enjoyed with gusto and a bit chilled. If there was ever a brew perfect for adding to the enjoyment of grilled food this is the one. Crank up the grill and even your “veggie” friends will be able to enjoy this brew… unless they don’t like beer.

The brewery Site: http://www.deschutesbrewery.com/BrewPub/OnTap/5813.aspx

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