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Peter LaFrance

Monday, January 18, 2010

A taste of… Stone Levitation Ale

Stone Brewing Company
1999 Citracado Parkway
Escondido, CA 92029
(760) 471-4999

Preface: This 12 oz. bottle of Stone Levitation Ale was purchased for $2.50(USD) at Peas & Pickles Grocery in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, NY. There was no “Best by” date on the bottle neck.

The following notes are made after a mouth wash with room temperature sparkling water. These notes have not been influenced by reading promotional material or any other review of this brew.

I am including this preface to inform the reader of any and all circumstances that might be conceived of a creating a biased review or a conflict of interest regarding the choice of words used in the following review. I could go on and on with semi-legal jargon but I guess you will just have to trust me eh?

The following are my tasting notes:

Appearance: This was a lively brew when poured at the respectable temperature of 45F. As seen in the picture, there is a lot of head to this brew. Not that there is anything wrong with it. If I had been less traditional and taken a bit more care it would be quite normal, I am sure. That said… it crowns a deep amber, almost auburn copper brew that “throws” just a slight haze.

Aroma: Green grass and new mowed lawn on a bright clear spring day are the first impressions…mint and lilac with a more summertime blending of aromas becoming less defined. The third visit introduces more grapefruit accents.

Mouth feel: This is not, of course, a lightweight brew.

Flavor: If you have no experience with the flavor of hops this is not the best brew to begin your relationship with this herb. However, if you are a hop-head, the first impression is of amusingly multifaceted flavor variations. Here are flavors of Native American herbs that are, in the correct use of the word, unique. The second swallow smoothes out the various flavors and sooths your taste receptors with a rich grain undertone, and alcoholic warmth. The third swallow brings all the citric flavor and aromas forward.

Finish: Those citric flavors keep on truckin’ for a good while. They don’t over-stay but they do leave an impression.

Comments: I would call this the closest I have ever come to what my heart tells me is an India Pale Ale. Perhaps these are not English hops or English malted barley but then… neither am I.

Food & Beer: The special hop flavors and warm alcohol sensation calls for sharp crumbly cow’s milk cheeses with tart apples and onion chutney.

The Brewery: http://www.stonebrew.com/

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