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Peter LaFrance

Friday, January 22, 2010

A taste of… Blue Point Toasted Lager

Blue Point Brewing Co. ‎
161 River Avenue
Patchogue, NY 11772-3304
(631) 475-6944

Preface: This 12 oz. bottle of Blue Point Toasted Lager was purchased for $2.50(USD) at Peas & Pickles Grocery in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, NY. There was date number on the neck: “3359 R10:08 7E”

The following notes are made after a mouth wash with room temperature sparkling water. These notes have not been influenced by reading promotional material or any other review of this brew.

I am including this preface to inform the reader of any and all circumstances that might be conceived of as creating a biased review or a conflict of interest regarding the choice of words used in the following review. I could go on and on with semi-legal jargon but I guess you will just have to trust me eh?

The following are my tasting notes:

Appearance: A crystal clear amber-with-a-touch-of-gold brew with very tiny bubbles of carbonation is crowned with a sturdy but rocky parchment white head of small and medium bubbles that leave a substantial Belgian Lace.

Aroma: The first impression is of slightly toasted grain followed by a leafy green aroma that is more companion than challenger. A third appreciation of the aromatics reveals the original factors in more complex association. (Blame your olfactory sense for learning to fit things together that are complementary.) From lip to sip these aromatics can be appreciated.

Mouth feel: A medium body is under appreciated with the first flavor impression.

Flavor: There is a real sweet right jab followed by an incredibly sharp hop hook first impression. The second visit is less aggressive but has just as sharp a hop spike. The third visit calms down the taste sensors but they are still rather stunned.

Finish: The hop spike continues through the finish and leaves a rather dry exit.

Comments: It takes a bit of getting used to… that is to say that this is not a quaffing beer. Either you are intrigued by the complex relationship of the almost metallic tangs from the hops and the spear of sweet from the malt or you are offering it to your buddy and telling him to pass it on so everyone can have a taste.

Food & Beer: Here we have a brew that would stand up to the perfect storm of rich and saline that Boston Clam Chowder is famous for. Ahoy Boston!

The Brewery: http://www.bluepointbrewing.com/

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