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Peter LaFrance

Monday, February 16, 2009

A taste of… Double Vision Doppelbock

Grand Teton Brewing Co.
430 Old Jackson Hole Highway
Victor, ID 83455

Preface: Here is another sample brew from the folks at Grand Teton -

The following are my tasting notes:

Appearance: This is a dark, hazy garnet-red brew topped with a dense, mocha colored head of tightly knit small bubbles that rest under a creamy top of medium bubbles similar to the effect of a properly half-cooked pancake.

Aroma: The first impression is coffee and some roasted barley grain. The second impression is more candy aromas hiding under the grain aromatics.

Mouth feel: This is a full bodied brew that refreshes when served at slightly cooler than cellar temperature. The heavier flavors don’t fully develop at low temperature.

Flavor: From the lip-to-sip, the aromatics develop into chocolate, into burnt caramel and finishes with a hint of slightly more bitter than sharp hop sensations.

Finish: There is surprisingly little finish to this brew. It disappears quickly and leaves only a hint of hop astringency under the candy flavors that manage to hang on for a short time.


There is warmth to the flavor of this brew that is a hint to the alcohol content 8% abv. However, there is only a medium feel to the flavor profiles. This balance serves well with cheeses and roasted red meats. Rather than a challenge to the taste receptors, this is a easy going complement to foods that have naturally huge flavor footprints.

Original Gravity: 1.096
Alcohol content – 8% abv

The Brewery: http://www.grandtetonbrewing.com/ourbeers.html

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