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Peter LaFrance

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A taste of… Roxy Rolles Winter Ale '08

Magic Hat Brewery and Performing Arts Center
5 Bartlett Bay Road
South Burlington, VT 05403

Preface: The good folks at Magic Hat sent me this bottle of Roxy Rolles Winter Seasonal Ale along with their Braggot. The promotional material that came with these brews was dated 17 October 2008. It has had plenty of time to settle down. And so the tasting notes…

Appearance: Cloudy red-copper color topped with a full head of bubbles of various sizes resulting in a rocky very light sandy tan foam. As the head falls there is a noticeable Belgian lace.

Aroma: First impressions are those of herbaceous notes and roasted grain accents. Second impressions reinforce the grain aromas and the herb accents recede slightly. Finally the lip-to-sip the anticipation of malt sweetness in increased.

Flavor: After the refreshing cool liquid is enjoyed, there are a number of flavors that the hops bring to the front. These flavors are less floral or herbaceous and sharper bitter spikes that vary in intensity. Slight metallic glints sharpen those bitter spikes.

Mouth feel: There is more body to this beer than the aromatics hint at. The color also hints at the fuller feel.

Finish: The finish is not as fleeting as anticipated. The hop tang lingers longest but is not unpleasant.

Comments: This is one of the less emphatic “winter” brews. I would pair this brew with a slate-grey, misty, overcast afternoon spent in a comfortable tavern in Burlington, listening to college kids gripe about grades.

It would also be a beverage of choice with pizza lardo (a crisp crusted pizza topped with pancetta renderings and cracklings), or a cone of deep fried thin julienned of potatoes served with a side of mayo.

The Brewery: http://www.magichat.net/

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