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Peter LaFrance

Monday, December 1, 2008

A taste of… Braggot Winter Odd Notion 2008

Magic Hat Brewing Company and Performing Arts Center
5 Bartlett Bay Road
South Burlington, VT 05403

Preface: Not too many days ago (18 October 2008) I received this sample from the folks at Magic Hat Brewing Company and Performing Arts Center. (Rather a fine full moniker eh?) This time I did peruse the promotional literature and was almost immediately drawn to the word “Braggot:” on the “spec-sheet.”

This style has an ancient tradition and this product has the weight of that history riding on it. And so it begins…

Appearance: This is a fairly lively brew when opened at 50F. The bright amber brew is topped with an almost-white head of hearty, large bodied bubbles that soon relax to a tin but long lasting head sans Belgian lace.

Aroma: Almost immediate “honey” aromatics appear. This is followed by more honey until that moment between lip and sip when more honey invites itself in.

Flavor: This is one hairy brew. The aroma gives away no hint to the flavors. The flavors come crashing through the refreshing liquid with a commando like stealth attack on your nasal passages. There is a sweet, flower-shop rush of sensation followed by a honey-wine flush of flavor that ends with a “Celestial Seasonings” sensation that I determined was Chamomile.

Mouth feel: There is a big feel to this brew that muscles past the relatively light 6% abv.

Finish: The honey and Chamomile linger on but don’t exceed their welcome, departing together.

Comments: As I noted before… this is one hairy brew. It’s not quite a mead and not quite a barley wine. The fairly monochromatic herbal flavor is nicely balanced by the honey flavor. Contrary to usual protocol, I would like to try the next bottle of this brew a bid more chilled than the cellar temperature I served this sample at.

It will take some research to determine what food to pair with this brew.

The Brewery: http://www.magichat.net/

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