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Peter LaFrance

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A taste of… Lucky Kat

Magic Hat Brewing Co.
South Burlington, VT

Preface: Federal Express delivered this bottle to me at 1300 hours on Wednesday 19 March 2008. It was sent to me from the folks at Magic Hat Brewing Co…. Lucky Kat was the first bottle unwrapped from a customary swaddling of black tissue paper. All of the samples they send me are wrapped in paper to protect them from light. Today I am tasting semi-blind in that I have no idea what this beer is all about; because I did not read any of the enclosed marketing material. And so, I opened the Lucky Kat and here is what I found…

This is a deep amber copper colored, very effervescent brew, topped with a very rocky, sparkling sandy tan head.

There is a lot of rich, toasted grain aroma to the beginning of this beer. The hop aroma that is there has almost a fresh grape character.

This is quite a hoppy beer. If I was pick what “beer style” it would fit best it would certainly be an India Pale Ale. (And sure enough, there it is, right there on the label.) There is a good measure of malt flavor to this beer particularly rendering a brown sugar flavor. The hops in this brew are particularly interesting. There is in fact, a little spice to them.

Mouth feel.
This is a rich, creamy beer, but not too alcoholic. (After reading the promotional material I find it to be 5.8% abv.) It leaves a good Belgian-lace that retains its quality on the glass.

The slightly spicy, floral bouquet of this beer carries over from the aroma all the way through to the finish. The finish stays with you for a very long time, and is quite a remarkable palate cleanser.


I enjoyed the “left over” from the tasting with a “Lamb with orzo and goat cheese MJH (Meal Just Heat) from “Fresh Direct.” My impression that this beer is a fine palette cleanser was proven. The intense goat cheese sauce and the full flavor of the thick and just-rare hunk of lamb was challenged but not defeated by the hops onslaught.

The promotional material provided by the Magic Hat people notes that this is the "first ner addition to the year-round selection of brews in a few years.

Website: http://www.magichat.net/

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