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Monday, February 25, 2008

A Taste of… Leinenkugel Honey Weiss

A Taste of… Leinenkugel Honey Weiss
J. Leinenkugel Brewing Co.
Chippewa Falls, WI / Milwaukee, WI

Preface: Three or four months ago I was at the initial presentation of this beer in the New York City area and had a chance to talk to the brewers, and their representatives. What I found very interesting was there interest in combining their beers to create new flavor sensations. I understand that their public relations department has made a great effort to suggest blending combinations to their customers and find this form of advertising to be very refreshing.

I have included a picture of the packaging that this beer came in. It is a 12 pack and totally enclosed. I was impressed for two reasons: the first reason is that keeps these beers from becoming light struck. (It is my understanding that most wheat beers have a tendency to be light struck both in shipping and in presentation in the stores.) I was also impressed with the efforts the brewer made to give this beer a good presentation. Where I purchased it the price was just slightly over $1.10 a bottle. Should they continue this packaging through the summer time I believe they can anticipate it being a successful seller.

Appearance: This beer is a crystal clear golden straw colored brew that appears to be very effervescent. It has a slightly rocky, not too densely packed rather fragile head that is not too long-lasting.

Aroma: This brew has a very malty, cracker aroma with slight hints of floral new-mown grass.

Mouth feel: The lively effervescence gives this beer is slightly larger mouth feel than would be expected and it has a slight viscosity to it that is not common to North American wheat beer.

Flavor: The flavor sensations echo of the initial aromas of this beer. The combination of flavors is less emphatic than the mouth feel. However, there is seamlessness between sip in lip flavor sensation. Neither the flavor of hop or wheat/malt is overpowering.

Finish. The finish to this beer is more hop than wheat. The hop finish itself is not overly enthusiastic, yet is a rather pleasant palate cleanser.

Comments: I am a fan of the Bavarian style of wheat beer and also appreciate the wheat based beers brews of French Canada. For my taste, however, the American style of wheat beer leaves something to be desired. This beer is no exception. In the future I will find it interesting to do a blind taste test against a regular lager beer, including this beer into the tasting. Nevertheless, it is a refreshing beer, and I can anticipate it being enjoyed on a hot day in the summer. There is a slight saline tang at the very end of the aftertaste and this would go very well with any type of seafood.

Alcohol content: 4.9% by volume

The brewery site: http://www.leinie.com/honey_weiss.html

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