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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Taste of… Leinenkugel Berry Weiss
J. Leinenkugel Brewing Co.
Chippewa Falls, WI / Milwaukee, WI

Preface: As I mentioned in the blog about the Honey Weiss, three or four months ago I was at the initial presentation of the Leinenkugel summer beers. At that event, I had an interesting conversation with the Brewers and representatives about the different ways that they mix their beers together. Their promotional material encourages this mixing. One of the beers that particularly caught my attention was this one, called Berry Weiss. It is included, three bottles of it, in the 12 pack that they are presenting on the market. The following are the tasting notes of this product from this morning's tasting.

Appearance: There's a bit of a red tinge to this beverage, more of a strawberry rather than a raspberry color. The head that sits atop this brew is a very rocky, slightly tan colored foam made up of medium to large bubbles.

Aroma: As soon as I opened up above this beer there was a distinct strawberry aroma. It continues quite dramatically, as one raises the glass to your lips. However, in the space between lip and sip it causes the aromas to smooth out slightly.

Mouth feel: As with their other Leninkugel wheat beer, this has a very lively feel to the mouth. After the initial sip, the mouth feel is not as large as expected. The carbonation as well as the sweet flavor adds to the body.

Flavor: There is a distinct, yet undefinable "berry" flavor to this beer. The sensation of strawberry seems to be the most important flavor, although the picture on the bottle shows red and purple raspberries. The label notes "Beer brewed with honey and flavored with blackberry juice and other natural berry flavors." What is surprising to me is the amount of hop flavor that is in the finish. The hop flavor does continue all the way through, not overpowered altogether by the very flavor.

Finish. Although this is a berry flavored beer, in the end, if you rub your tongue across the top of your palate there remains a sensation of hops that is fairly pleasant.

Comments: I can definitely understand the marketing concepts behind flavored beers. There are many breweries in the United States the flavor their beers, particularly for sale in the summer time. This is one of those beers. There are two reasons I would drink this beer. The first is as a dessert beer, perhaps poured over fresh fruit and a tall glass. The second way I would drink this beer, is as part of a mix. Combining this particular beer with a stout or Porter would certainly be an interesting flavor combination. I can also imagine combining this with the citric based flavored beverage. Making a shandy out of this would be quite refreshing. I give the people at Leninkugel a great deal of credit for trying this particular beer, and suggesting the many different ways that it can be used to mix with other beers.

Alcohol content: 4.7% by volume

The brewery site: http://www.leinie.com/berry_weiss.html

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