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Peter LaFrance

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A taste of… Lions Head Pilsner Beer

Lion Brewery Inc.
700 North Pennsylvania Blvd.
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, 18705
United States
(800) 233-8327

Preface: This 12 oz. bottle of Lions Head Pilsner Beer was given to me by a friend who used to run a bar in PA. I can’t vouch for the care and feeding of this bottle of beer. There is a number/letter combination stamped on the bottle: “33709N – 09450K+”

The following notes are made after a mouth wash with room temperature sparkling water. These notes have not been influenced by reading promotional material or any other review of this brew.

I am including this preface to inform the reader of any and all circumstances that might be conceived of a creating a biased review or a conflict of interest regarding the choice of words used in the following review. I could go on and on with semi-legal jargon but I guess you will just have to trust me eh?

The following are my tasting notes:

Appearance: A crystal clear bright golden brew is carbonated with healthy large bubbles that slap up a fair crown of white sparkling foam and then cal it a day and receded into a thin remnant. There is little lace on the windows.

Aroma: First impression is of fresh shucked corn. The second visit brought out a touch of bubblegum. A final nosedive reached a hint of honeysuckle flower.

Flavor: After the first refreshing sensation there is a pear and apple flavor that is left to flower almost separately. The second sip had the taste receptors seeking hop tang and never quite finding it. The third swig was just as refreshing as the other two with no flavor development.

Mouth feel: Nubile.

Finish: These fruity flavors finish and go home about half an hour early… they leave almost before you know it.

Comments: An inoffensive example of North American Yellow Beer…

Food & Beer: I’m looking forward to a tin of sardines and half a tube of saltine crackers.

The Brewery: http://lionbrewery.com/

What others say:

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