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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why Pale Ale goes with Deep-Fried Twinkie

Preface: Here we have a traditional American treat… deep-frying. I do not believe that there is any form of comestible that cannot be deep-fried. Ice cream, pickles, okra… well, there might be a bit of a fuss with leafy greens but then why would anyone want to eat leafy greens?

On Atlantic Avenue, In Brooklyn, NYC… there is “The Chip Shop”. Here they deep-fry almost everything on the menu… with curry chicken an exception. So on a fair day in July I ventured in and the following are my notes…

Appearance: The deep-fried Twinkie comes, as can be deduced from the above illustration, sliced in half, sauced with raspberry sauce and topped with whipped cream. The whipped cream on top of the Twinkie calls to mind the creamy head on pale ale. The golden color may resemble a pilsner but no matter.

Aroma: The sweet aromas of the warm (well it was deep-fried) Twinkie are almost caramel accented. The sweet aromas from whatever the Twinkie is made from are almost citric. The Pale Ale has a caramel aroma that is only slightly accented with a hop flower tang.

Mouth feel: Naturally there is a hot and cold game being played here.

Flavor: The creamy whipped topping as well as the filling from the Twinkie have company in the sweet malted barley flavors of the brew. All of this sweetness is held in check with just a wisp of the hop bitterness in the brew.

Finish: The better Pale Ales will have a rather lengthy hop tang that clears the senses for the next sip of the tasty but not emphatic brew. This lasting finish from the brew is helpful in keeping the very sweet flavors of this dish from becoming cloying.

Comments: The contrast in temperature and lightly hopped brew vs. the onslaught of the sugars makes for a taste contest that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

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