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Peter LaFrance

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Taste of… Odd Notion Summer 2009

Magic Hat Brewing Company
South Burlington, VT (USA)

Preface: This sample was provided by the good folks at Magic hat, arrived in good condition and has been kept refrigerated until an hour before opening. It is marked “Please drink by the end of the month notched – Aug 09.

Appearance: A very crystal clear, sparkling, golden brew is topped with a thin, white head of closely knit small white bubbles.

Aroma: The initial aromatic sensation is slightly phenolic with unusual undertones to a sweet malt. The second impression shifts the phenolic hints to a more herbal impression (not hops). Finally, when you get the deepest aroma impression it brings the malt to the front and the initial impressions remain in support roles.

Mouth feel: This is a well defined body with a creamy sparkling impression.

Flavor: After a refreshing cool impression the first flavor is familiar malt flavors with undercurrents of gingerbread spicing. The second impression is includes sharper sensations of drying mint or spice. (These unfamiliar flavors in this “beer/ale” are driving me nuts…)The third quaff was so refreshing I didn’t try to identify flavors… just enjoyed.

Finish: The finish was quick and left little more than a trace of the flavors and aromas on a dry palette.

Comments: The folks at Magic hat constantly amaze me. Their web site tell me that this brew is brewed with pale malts, Apollo hops, with 5.9% abv., 17 IBU, yeast: Belgian ale… in their words “Golden in color and light in body this low hop bitterness ale is refreshing to drink and finishes with a subtle spicy complexity from a very unique Belgian yeast strain… Belgian candy sugar.”
In short… don’t think about this beer… just drink and enjoy.

Magic Hat Brewing Company: http://www.magichat.net/oddnotion/

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