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Peter LaFrance

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A taste of… Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest Fresh Hop Ale

Sierra Nevada Southern Harvest 2008.JPG

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Chico, CA



After seeing their press announcement on the release of this brew I contacted the folks at Sierra Nevada and received this sample for tasting.


This brew has a bright red copper color and is topped with a very rocky head of medium to large bubbles that produce a very light mocha colored head.


The first impression was of citric notes. Then there were impressions of the aroma of a newly mowed lawn, followed by a touch of roasted malt at the very end.

Mouth feel:

There is a medium mouth feel, with only a slight flavor spike imparted by the carbonation.


That moment between lip and to sip is the first time that you become very aware of the hop contents of this beer. It’s a very subtle almost metallic sensation. What malt flavor there is seems to be embarrassed by a very brash combination of barnyard and butter brought to the table by the hops. The “barnyard” is not attributable to the yeast as in having wild yeast in the fermentation. It is more exactly, reminiscent of fresh baled hay just after it has been broken up for feeding. As for the butter sensation, it is not a diacetyl, rather coming closer to a hard toffee candy flavor.


The finish is where the malt has its most impressive moment. Still in the supporting role, it allows the hops to finish off without appearing too brutal.


It is now evident to what links the American Brewer will go to provide hops for its beer. The obvious admonition that “necessity is the mother of invention” is something that I am sure small Brewers will be hearing for at least the next two years. It appears the people at Sierra Nevada have found a unique answer and developed a unique product. Should the New Zealanders find another market for their hops in the United States, removing the unique characteristic of this brew, Sierra Nevada be quite pleased with this product.

The brewery Site: http://www.sierranevada.com/

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